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Ella Rye grew up in small-town California. She grew up loving words. An avid reader from a young age. During her teen years, she developed a love for poetry and began writing. The words flowed out of her naturally, never even really knowing the type of poetry she was writing. Over the years, poetry helped her throughout her life. It was therapeutic, and now she hopes that her poetry can help those who are going or have gone through the same things. Love and heartbreak have always been a major theme. 

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A Girl with a Pen

Coming Soon 7.24.24

I’m just a girl

With a pen

Poetry in my veins


Tattooed across

My heart

They’ll never disappear


Poetry has always been in my veins. A way for me to express myself. Be it to relay my feelings of love, heartbreak, anxiety, and depression. Poetry has always been there for me. It has never left me. In my heart, it’s simple. I’m just a Girl with a Pen. I always have been.

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"Go out and do something. It isn’t your room that’s a prison, it’s yourself."

Sylvia Plath

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California, USA

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