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The Girl: Unspoken Words Collection

“I’m the girl they want… But never want to keep”

From poet Ella Rye comes a collection full of raw vulnerability. Taking you on a journey through her life, trying to figure what it all means after heartbreak. Learning to move on, knowing that you are worthy of so much more.

The Unspoken Words Collection is Free Verse Poetry, divided into four parts. Spanning over a generation.
The Girl
Never Had a Chance
Parts of Me
It Will Fade


Torn Sheets

Bottled Up

Broken Down 

Trying to find all these lost pieces 

of myself


From the poet that brought you, The Girl: Unspoken Words Collection. Comes the new collection, Torn Sheets


Torn Sheets explores the frustrations and anxiety in relationships. Also, shining a light on living with an autoimmune disease.

Torn Sheets SMASHWORDS_edited.jpg

All the Lonely Hearts:
Poetry Inspired by Music

Has given me a reason
To breathe
A reason to be

It comes in many forms. One of those can be music. Be it the melody, or the story it’s trying to tell.

All the Lonely Hearts is an exploration of inspiration. Be it the melody, the story, or even a word. Ella Rye brings these two worlds crashing together. Each poem is inspired by a song.

All the Lonely Hearts is a collection of Free Verse Poetry.

All the Lonely Hearts FOR WEB_edited.jpg

As I Burn

I’m a girl
Full of fire
Full of desire
This hunger
It’s never fulfilled

As I Burn, explores that desire to mean more. To discover that piece of you. That you never knew was hiding. Ready to break out into the world and own those words that you’ve always held.

Ella Rye brings that vulnerability, that many have grown to love. Giving you another chapter, another heartache. She’s ready to rise above the ashes.

2018-1405 Ella Rye b01_edited.jpg

Writing to the Stars

Chasing stars
Till there's no more
To wish upon
Writing to the stars
Hoping my words
Will find a home

Writing to the Stars is the newest free verse poetry collection from Ella Rye. The poems focus on the feelings of longing, anxiety, and just overthinking. 

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