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Cover Reveal: The Unspoken Words Collection by Ella Rye

Hi Everyone!

Not sure if anyone reads this or will see it. But I recently had a Cover Reveal for The Girl. The Cover was done by an amazing Cover Designer, Sarah Hansen @ Okay Creations. She's brilliant and an artist. I want to tell you about this cover and how it came to be. The photo itself spoke to me, to me that is the girl. Hiding behind her hair but also very striking. Like you really want to know who this girl is. Sarah created a cover with really no guidance from me. So imagine my reaction when I saw this cover. I was in aw, I honestly wanted to cry.

The Unspoken Words has been with me for over 20 years. Poems that I've written, sometimes they were my lowest points. Finding someone, that you originally were just like whatever I want to have fun. Then realizing that you actually like this person. That you want to be with him, but he doesn't. So you have to cut yourself off. Or going through a divorce and leaving an abusive relationship. Dealing with the death of a loved one and afraid that you'll lose those memories that you hold so close.

You can find The Girl for pre-order here:

In my heart lies a girl. A woman, one that goes gone through the ringer. If I didn't have poetry, I feel like I wouldn't be me. Not a lot of people know I write and that's fine. It's kind of my little secret.


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